Schooled in commercial art (2 years), I started my interest in wood carving with a focus on marine life, especially different kinds of fish. I like to bring a unique mix of materials, details, styles, and themes to each project.

I first competed in the 21st Annual Louisiana Wildfowl Carvers & Collectors Guild, held in New Orleans. I placed a FIRST in Novice and two HONORABLE mentions.

Working as an engineer at the Grand Hyatt Tampa Bay, I had the honor of carving two pumpkins for the FOX sports network. One had the FOX logo and the second with the New Orleans Saints / Tampa Bay Buccaneers logo. These were shown nationwide at commercial breaks.

I use only the best woods (basswood & tupelo) for carving fish and birds, and the best paint (taxidermy acrylics) on my works. I strive towards perfection & detail. I have always had a natural ability for any craft with my hands, from drawing, carving, painting nature, to building picture frames. The most natural aspect of this is that I am self-taught by what I see and feel when I carve and paint.

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